We love Beaujolais

We know, it surely isn't the most beloved wine region of all. But we just can't hide our enthousiasm. To us, Beaujolais is all you want in a red. Fresh acidity, a good structure, avarage alcohol levels and most of all: unparalleled juiciness. Find all your bojo classics at ASOP wines. 

Natural wine was born in Beaujolais, according to many. In the 80's it was a group of winemakers following the enologist Jules Chauvet that started experimenting with winemaking without sulfites and in a general "back-to-nature" method. These first pioneers included Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard, Yvon Métras, Guy Breton, Jean-Paul Thévenet and Georges Decombes. Names that are still considered the absolute top of Beaujolais. Later, others became inspired by these natural wines and followed suit, including future stars like Jean-Louis Dutraive.