Riesling is a grape with its own needs and in our eyes that's aging. When sufficiently ripened, Riesling can be as exiting as any funky Jura white. A wild, honey flavored play of flavors that's bouncing around on your palate. However, finding ripened Riesling is a challenge. So we did that for you. 


Straight from the cellars of Ulli Stein himself comes this 2010 Alfter Hölle Riesling Trocken, kept in the domain for a x number of years as mandatory by German wine law and now released to us, because frankly Ulli wanted to gift our new store something special. 


Alfer Hölle (Alf's Hell in English) is a vineyard in Alf that completely belongs to Stein, situated on the hill right underneath his castle like house (see photo). There's a slight dent in the middle from where the allies bombed the nearby railway bridge. History in the glass. Where the actual name comes from is no secret when you try to walk down from it while lightly intoxicated in pitch dark. Believe us, we've been there multiple times. It's seriously Mosel steep.


The wine is from just above the entry level range of Stein, but aged Riesling doesn't have to be of a huge name to be thorougly enjoyed, you'll see: apricot, honey, a little petrol whiff, great acidity and of course the mineral rich Mosel flavors.

Stein - Alfer Hölle Riesling Trocken

Type: White
  • 100% Riesling

    11,5% vol

    Alf, Mosel, Germany