One of our favorite winemakers is Sebastién Riffault, possibly one of the most singular winemakers out there. Obsessed with the farming part of winemaking, a master of all the work in the cellar. The first to bring ploughing by horse back to Sancerre and probably the only winemaker of whom his horse's name is known throughout the wine world. 


To summarize what sets Seb apart from many others: he harvests his grapes often up to a month later than his neighbors, allowing botrytis (noble rot) to form on a part of his Sauvignon Blanc giving it a honey like depth of flavor, even though his wines always ferment completely dry. His wines are categorized depending on the percentage of noble rot in the grapes.


Akmeniné was made with about 25% noble rot and fermented dry. Flavors of ripe and dried yellow fruits without losing the fresh Sauvignon Blanc acidity.

Sebastién Riffault - Sancerre Akmeniné 2016

Type: White

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