Der Graf was Philip Lardot's first wine, coming from a long, steep slope in the famous Mosel town of Piesport. This is non intervention wine making at it's peak, a new sense of adventure loathed by many wine professionals but loved by us: each year this wine is giving us a completely new perspective on its terroir. Tasting our first sip of the new Der Graf is a thing we look forward to all year, we anticipate a surprise and the wine always delivers. 


This vintage showed a particularly slow fermentation, the yeasts eating the sugars at an excruciatingly slow pace, to the point Philip thought he was going to end up with a mildly sweet wine, until the next summer the cellar heated up just enough to kickstart fermentation again. Then reduction showed it's face, giving you the impression a match was struck in the glass earlier. Now it's all coming together and this is a perfect example of non-intervention Mosel: exciting, enticing, often unexpected and always coming from that rock solid foundation of structure, minerality and acidity. Der Graf is a fun guy, even with that moustache.


Full story: A dear friend, a talented winemaker, an ancient wine region and tons of minerality, all in one. Discover the range of wines that Finnish-Dutch winemaker Philip Lardot creates in the Mosel from old vines and steep parcels.


​Believe us, the steep slopes of the Mosel are not for the faint-hearted: close to Philip's house is the world's steepest vineyard, the Bremmer Calmont. Pretty much a cliff with vines on them. And even though pretty much everybody in the world agrees this area is home to some of the world's greatest Rieslings, it's an area in decline. ​


Vines are being ripped out by old vintners whose children either have moved to Berlin or just can't be bothered, selling them is hardly worth the trouble. Philip is one of the few that still sees the true potential and is painstakingly working these slopes to create mineral, rich, voluptuous, terroir driven, natural wines. Riesling of course, but don't miss the Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir, if they're not sold out yet.

Philip Lardot - Der Graf 2018

Type: White
  • 100% Riesling

    12,5% vol

    Mosel, Germany