A Pinot Blanc with amazing length, minerality and salinity. Great with creamy fish dishes, chicken from the oven and white meats. Or coconut based Asian dishes.


The Lissner domaine spans 9 hectares in the appellation Wolxheim, soon a completely organic appellation, pretty cool. The winemakers at this domaine, founded in 1848, are father Bruno and son Theó Schloegel. 

Bruno, an agronomist and scientist took over his uncle's Clement Lissner's domaine in 2001 and was soon joined by his son Théo. They work their vineyards organic, but that's really just a small part of their story. Inspired (as are we) by Fukuoka's book 'The one straw revolution' they treat their vineyards differently from what we have seen anywhere else: 


"The pair have carefully established an amazingly diverse fauna and flora in their vineyards, they do not plough, mow or trim the vines but just arrange and weave the shoots during summer to let mother nature express herself. Bruno and Théo do not hesitate to plant directly into the ‘indigenous environment’, and let the new vine compete against the native flora for five to seven years before producing grapes." - The Vine Trail

Their wines are very impressive from the first whiff until the last sip: extremely energetic, often plain salty, expressive, powerful and experimental. We love them.

Lissner - Pinot Blanc 2017

Type: White
  • 100% Pinot Blanc

    12% alc

    Alsace, France

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