Envinate in every way has been what feels like an important discovery. Ultimate proof that great wine is being made outside of the classic realm. Migan is one of the top line reds from the Tenerife part of Envinate. Envinate consists of four friends, split up between Ribeira Sacra, Almansa and Tenerife.


It's on Tenerife where the most suprising wines are being made. Ancient winemaking with the precision of top notch Burgundy, if we have to make a comparison. The grape here is Listan Prieto, very much unknown, except by it's other name: País, a widely planted grape in Chile. Envinate's version of Listan Prieto drinks like a marriage between Pinot Noir and Dolcetto, with the clear addition of volcanic soil. The vineyard of Migan is planted 'cordon trenzado' which means that the grapes are not pruned but braided. Grape vine killer Phylloxera never got a hold of Tenerife so we're talking up to 200 year old vines here, giving an intense but truly tiny yield. It's light, delicate and perfectly balanced with fresh acidity, a mild smoky note and lots of blackberry, blueberry and herbs on the palate. Easily overpowered by food so we suggest drinking this beautiful natural wine by itself (very lightly chilled) or with a light dish with chicken, veal, mushrooms, no spices.

Envínate - Migan 2017

Type: Red
  • 100% Listan Negro

    12,5% vol

    Tenerife, Spain

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