Another cider by our friends at Elegast, in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Located in a little patch of paradise, Elegast crafts (mostly) wild fermented ciders from orchards all over the Netherlands. All old, high apple trees, often from heirloom varieties. 


Since we haven't traditionally planted cider varieties in the Netherlands, the Dutch ciders are fresher and lighter in color than their French or English counterparts. This makes these ciders as the perfect canvas for experimentation, in this case with the aging vessel: used bourbon barrels. Aging the cider in these barrels gives of a smoky, exciting note to what already was their delicious wild cider. This is natural cider, made in Holland. Don't miss it.

Elegast - Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider

  • 100% apples

    6.5% vol


    Hilversum, the Netherlands