Quartz is the top-of-the-range at Domaine des Ardoisières, made from the steep monopole (100% domaine owned vineyard) of Cevins. An incredibly steep slope (up to 60%, like Côte-Rotie), with a full southern exposure and soil of schist and mica schist yielding on avarage only 20hl/ha.


This is the pinnacle of Savoie winemaking, where day temperatures reach up to 50 degrees Celsius in the vineyards while the nights are cold under the influence of the Alps. Resulting in lower alcohol wines with an inherent mountain-streamlike freshness.


Quartz is made from 100% Altesse and aged for 12-18 months in barrel, of which 25% is new. The cold nights reflect in the seductive nose, with aromas of white fruits, quince, plums and a nuttiness and richness. In the mouth, the wine is well-structured and sophisticated, intense and perfectly balanced, and above all, extremely refined and pure. It is, moreover, a wine of remarkable persistence and a certain salinity. This cuvée is unique, and probably one of the best expressions of Altesse around. A must-try.




A wine region that's housed in a corner of France along the Swiss border and is more known for skiing than wine and is dominated by the view of the Mont Blanc. However, the vines in the area are growing in a much lower area. Like the Jura, it's a recently 'discovered' area with unique viticulture and it's own set of native grape varieties.


Domaine des Ardoisières


Brice Omont is making natural wines on the steep, Alpina slopes of the Savoie. Using native grape varieties such as Jacquère, Mondeuse, Persan and others. The wines are vinified on their natural yeasts from biodynamic vineyards and are among the most sought-after wines of the region. Read more about Domaine des Ardoisières in our winemaker portfolio here.

Domaine des Ardoisières - Quartz 2019

  • 100% Altesse

    12,5% vol

    Savoie, France