Argile Blanc is a wine from 40 year old Chardonnay and Mondeuse Blanche vines planted at high altitude (450m) on steep schist-based hillsides, vinified with some Jacquère from Apremont (limestone scree) and is then aged in fibreglass for nine months.


It's a giving wine, fresh like an Alpine mountain stream with a saline richness and some smokiness to balance the freshness. You can taste the Savoie tension of warm days and cold nights, giving you ripe lemon fruits over the base of mineral, silky acidity. Finely balanced. This wine is best served in a decanter or by opening up the wine about an hour in advance.




A wine region that's housed in a corner of France along the Swiss border and is more known for skiing than wine and is dominated by the view of the Mont Blanc. However, the vines in the area are growing in a much lower area. Like the Jura, it's a recently 'discovered' area with unique viticulture and it's own set of native grape varieties.


Domaine des Ardoisières


Brice Omont is making natural wines on the steep, Alpina slopes of the Savoie. Using native grape varieties such as Jacquère, Mondeuse, Persan and others. The wines are vinified on their natural yeasts from biodynamic vineyards and are among the most sought-after wines of the region. Read more about Domaine des Ardoisières in our winemaker portfolio here.

Domaine des Ardoisières - Argile Blanc 2019

  • 40% Jacquère, 40% Chardonnay, 20% Mondeuse Blanche

    11,5% vol

    Savoie, France