There's a new wave happening in Spain, all relatively young winemakers operating small, organic wineries and making mind boggling wines. We kinda compare it to the Beaujolais wave of the 80's and 90's. And if we follow those logics, then Dani Landi is the Spanish Marcel Lapierre. As in, often considered the be the uncrowned king of this new generation. He's located to the west of Madrid and vinifies mostly Garnacha. 


His Garnachas achieve an almost Pinot Noir like character: light colored, precise, with fine tannins and a great ripening potential. This 2019 needs about 20 minutes of air, but when you give it that, it develops into an incredibly beautiful wine. Great with hearty dinners, grilled steaks, mushroom dishes and even a seabass from the barbecue.

Dani Landi - Las Uvas de la Ira 2019