An astonishing Macon-Cruzilly by Julien Guillot, one of our few natural winemakers in Bourgogne and our introduction to the natural side of this region. Coming from a vineyard that has been organic since the 1950's:


"The vineyard has never had any chemicals used on it and has always been farmed with the greatest respect for the earth. From the very outset, my grandfather decided to make wine organically, using no chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or sulphur. My father, Alain, later took over the domaine, keeping the same philosophy. I joined the domaine in 1998, which is when I introduced the first biodynamic preparations. I then took over the domaine officially in 2001 and decided to convert the entire vineyard of seven hectares to biodynamic farming." - Julien Guillot.


Mâcon Cruzille Manganite is made from Gamay Petis Grains, planted in 1953 on limestone bedrock, with manganese (iron-like) veins, hence the name! You don't find Gamay in Burgundy very often, while this wine shows that the combination of Burgundian limestone and Gamay is a match made in heaven.


Organic since its inception, this wine is also made without any added sulphur, giving it a purity, energy and finesse that’s rare in reds from the Mâcon. The wine undergoes a semi-carbonic maceration and is aged in old oak barrels for 15 months. Beautiful balance, with red and black fruits and an earthy, meaty richness that adds depth and structure. 

Clos des Vignes du Maynes - Macon-Cruzille Manganite 2014

  • 100% Gamay

    13% vol

    Burgundy, France