Introducing: Weingut Scheid 

Size of domain: 
Julian Scheid
Zell, Mosel 🇩🇪
Blue & grey slate from steep slopes up to 60 degrees.
Riesling, Muller-Thurgau, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc.
Certified organic, leaving as much weeds between the vines and minimal or now ploughing.

Weingut Richard Scheid was introduced to us by Philip Lardot. On a 10 minute walking distance, Julian Scheid is now running the domaine named after his grandfather. It's not big, has no staff but the family and is certified organic, a rarity in the Mosel area.

Winemaker Julian Scheid took over the domaine when he was only 23 years old. Now, he is only 25(!) and working together with his father Matthias, expect during harvest there is no other staff. Here, like with our domains in the Alsace, it seems to give the domaine a sense of freedom and calmth. 


Almost all grapes are growing on the steep slopes right around the family house and cellar.  


The steep slopes of this part of the Terrassen Mosel also means everything is done by hand or isn't even possible, such as ploughing between the vines. That's why, as much as possible, weeds are free to grow between the vines. Their vineyard management is aiming at creating vineyards that are as natural as possible.

Since Julian has taken over the domaine, they also started filtering a little bit less and are building down the use of sulfur in the winemaking and bottling. Native yeasts are more and more used. The cellar is relatively new and has been built into the mountain. This offers a stunning and unique view once in the cellar, because the whole back wall is pure rock. This has a positive effect on the temperature and the humidity, so that the wines are basically fermenting in the same conditions as that the vines were growing in the vineyards.


We are very happy to have been introduced to this domain, that offers some of the best values coming out of the Mosel, paired with vineyard work that benefits the planet instead of costing it, it's a win-win. a sense of Place is the first ever importer for Weingut Scheid and we hope to soon introduce you to many more of the domain's wines. 


Weingut Scheid's wines:

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