Introducing: Stein

Size of domain: 
Ulli Stein / Philip Lardot
Bullay, Mosel 🇩🇪
Blue & grey slate from old vines on steep slopes up to 60 degrees.
Riesling, Elbling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Lutte raisonée, no pesticides or herbicides, minimal fungicides.

It must have been around 2016 when we first met the infamous Ulli Stein. Since then a lot has happened and we have visited Ulli and his cellar a lót.


Over the years it has been decided that in a few years Philip Lardot will take over the domain and Ulli (and his brother Piet) will start their well-earned retirement. But for now, instead of looking at the future, let’s look back at the past first.

Ulli is a winemaker of the rebellious type. He has battled his way up into the European courts while pursuing his singular vision on wine: this meant planting grapes for the making of red wine (which wasn’t allowed), planting Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and making Striehween, a straw dried sweet Riesling. And every time he succeeded in court, because he was right.


He is also one of the most charismatic, thoughtful and just plain nice people we know. Someone who finds a balance between (over)thinking every step he takes, while at the same time working with a kind of laissez-faire attitude and following intuition first. For years he has been gifting us amazing wines from the 1980’s and early 90’s, which all are showing the real power and strength of the Mosel, amazing. Read Ulli Stein's 2010 Manifesto on the future of Mosel's steep slope wines here.


So, when we told Ulli Stein we were starting a wine shop in Haarlem, it didn’t take long before Philip Lardot sent us a message ‘Ulli wants to help you guys, he’s putting together something special’.


Stein's weins: