No compromise, just the very best. At least, in our eyes. That's what you will find in the favorite favorites wine box. What better way to get to know your local wine shop, then by drinking what they drink? Or wish they could be drinking.

So, how does the favorite favorites box work? Easy: for €65 we'll send you our favorite favorites, the three best of the best, the finest of the... you get it. The box contains three wines: a white, red and orange / rosé. Along with the wines you'll receive printed descriptions of the wines, which you can find below as well. 

Send us an e-mail or Instagram DM, we'll send you a Tikkie back. Do you live in Haarlem? We'll bring by the wines, delivered to your doorstep. Not a Haarlemmer? No worries, we'll ship to you the next day via PostNL!

In that case, we charge a €6,75 delivery charge.

E-mail for questions or ordering. And read more about the three wines below.

The favorite favorites:

1. Les Quarterons by Sebastien Riffault, 2017

Our favorite white wine at the moment, our favorite Sauvignon Blanc and our favorite geek wine. Sebastien Riffault has been making wine in Sancerre for over 15 years, working not just biodynamically and free of chemicals, but also completely different than everybody else in Sancerre. Many people that know about the strict wine laws in France are, like us, amazed at the fact that he can even label these wines as Sancerre.


He picks his grapes well over a month later than everybody else, he allows for noble rot (botrytis) to show in his wines, his yields are lower, vines are older, sulfite use is pretty much zero. So why can he still label these wines as Sancerre? The story goes that one of the persons of the appalation's board of 'wise' old men vouched for him, being dragged back in time with the first sip of this wine, back to the wines his grandfather made, pre WWII. He remembered the old way of making wine and promptly said: This is Sancerre! 

Whether it's labelled Sancerre or not, it's is a unique wine. Fresh with good acidity, but with a richness to the wine that we hardly have ever tasted in other white wines, let alone Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire. Fresh, mineral, succulent, the bottle is empty before you know. But you know where to look for more.

2. Grauburgunder 2018 by Enderle & Moll.

Our favorite favorites box is a little bit of everything: a white wine, red and... yeah what is this? It looks like a rosé but it actually isn't. Grauburgunder is German for Pinot Grigio, as you know normally a white wine. But, the skins of this grape have a slight light pink hue. So when you do some skin contact.. you end up with this! An orange wine in disguise, but my god this is delicious! Super juicy, refreshing and mineral. This is a serious wine, quality wise, but also because it offers serious fun. Enderle & Moll consists of two winemakers, based in Baden, Germany, that decided to do things differently. Since then their story has basically been one of continuous succes, with their Bundsantstein Pinot Noir now being considered one of the greatest red wines coming from Germany. Their approach is unique, in an area that is showing more of it's potential every year. Baden is hot, and so is this fire red Grauburgunder.

3. Jean Foillard's Morgon 2018.

New York based importer Kermit Lynch was traveling around Beaujolais in the 1990's when he kept hearing rumors around this group of Beaujolais producers banding together in a quality-first, back-to-nature-movement. After meeting them he instantly decided to bring all their wines into the U.S. and make them world famous. From then on these winemakers we're known as 'The Gang of Four': Jean Foillard, Marcel Lapierre, Jean-Paul Thévenet, and Guy Breton. All these wines are amazing expressions of the red wines of Beaujolais; refined, serious, juicy. But, our favorite favorite is Jean Foillard. His wines seem to have a little more of a serious note to it, in a good way. This is a wine that hasn't let us down over the years, and 2018 is our favorite vintage so far. So we hád to offer this to you. The Morgon by Jean Foillard is a play of red fruit, super light, but inspiring, structure and just the most pleasant mouthfeel: a wine in absolute perfect balance. You don't wanna miss this, and now you don't have to.

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