Envínate, world class wine from reborn Spain

Envínate is a small and exciting wine project that we learned about while working in the New York wine scene. It’s a band of four winemakers that met each other in wine school, became good friends and decided to found a new winery called Envínate. So far it’s nothing special, but the excitement comes from the fact that these winemakers are highly talented, wine freaks and located in three completely different parts of Spain.


Laura Ramos and José Martinez are located in Spain’s south east, Almansa, where they make the fantastic ASOP Wines bestseller called Albahra. Roberto Santana is located on Tenerife and responsible for the best wines we have tasted in 2020 (Benje Tinto and Migan).

Alfonso Torrente is number four. His wines, hailing from the incredibly steep slopes of Ribeira Sacra (in Spain’s north west), were not available in the Netherlands. Yet. Now they are here and we’re proud to be the first to offer you these rare, handcrafted, mineral, 100% Mencia original wines.


Envínate's wines:

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