A sense of Place is your new local natural wine shop, bringing you wines that express where they are from, who made them, in what soil the vines grew and what the weather was like: a sense of place.


Organic vineyards, no chemicals, no funny stuff, just pure grape juice fermented into pure wine. Vin nature, natuurwijn or natural wine.


After spending six months managing a wine store in Brooklyn, founder Markus Praat decided to bring a little Brooklyn bluff to Haarlem. A new wine store that does things differently. Selling honest products in a sustainable and no-nonsense way, bringing wine from the elite to the streets.

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Gierstraat 14, Haarlem

Opening times

Monday - closed

Tuesday - 11-19

Wednesday - 11-19

Thursday - 12-20

Friday - 11-19

Saturday - 11-19

Sunday - 13-18


webshop available 24/7