a sense of Place

A sense of Place is your new local wine shop, bringing you wines that express where they are from, who made them, in what soil the vines grew and what the weather was like: a sense of place.

Some fun collections of our wines:

Bubbles to say hello to 2021

Most of us are a little happier than usual to welcome a new year. 2021, here we come. But any decent welcome needs a glass of bubbles. Like blessing a new ship with a bottle of fizz, while saying goodbye to what turned out to be the Titanic of years. Here's to bubbles and all of you!

Please don't sleep on Beaujolais

We know, it surely isn't the most beloved wine region of all. But we just can't hide our enthousiasm. To us, Beaujolais is all you want in a red: Fresh acidity, a good structure, below average alcohol levels and most of all: unparalleled juiciness. Find all your bojo classics at ASOP wines. 

Introducing: Lissner

We met Theó Schloegl of Lissner at an obscure tasting in Ghent. His wines were like a strike a lightning, a moment of clarity during a scene of dullness. Wines with expressive salinity, showing the Alsatian Wolxheim terroir. A visit followed. 

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