a sense of Place

A sense of Place is your new local wine shop, bringing you wines that express where they are from, who made them, in what soil the vines grew and what the weather was like: a sense of place.

Some fun collections of our wines:

The Cellar

Some of the greatest wines in the world need some time to come to full fruition. Other, simpler, wines can also benefit from some aging too. Welcome to our cellar, where we offer exactly those wines.

Beaujolais, birthplace of natural wine.

We know, it surely isn't the most beloved wine region of all. But we just can't hide our enthousiasm. To us, Beaujolais is all you want in a red: Fresh acidity, a good structure, below average alcohol levels and most of all: unparalleled juiciness. Find all your bojo classics at ASOP wines. 

Your favorite wines <€15

Your favorite wines don't have to cost a fortune. These bottles are a great introduction to the world of natural wine or very suitable as your everyday drinkers. Discover them all.

Save trees, drink cider

We love ciders and have been growing our cider section steadily since we opened. We love cider for its freshness, drinkability, low alcohol ánd the idea of sustainability: Trees sequester carbon, apples grow on trees. Drinking more cider means that more trees will be planted, or at least be saved, as many of our cider makers are actively working on.